The Art of The Wobble

When we wobble around in our process , we begin to find the learning spaces.  Yoga is a place where we can meet ourselves fully, wobble and all, and begin to find trust and clarity.  The wobbly places are the potential entryways into our greatest triumphs…Learn More

The Teacher's Teacher

Buffy Barfoot is committed to helping Yoga teachers find their voice and anchor their gifts in specific and powerful ways.  Her trainings and mentorship programs provides upcoming teachers with all they need …Learn More

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The Body | The Mind | The Spirit

What are you looking for?

  • A well rounded, challenging Yoga class that supports you on all levels
  • A Teacher Training designed to uncover your joy, confidence and purpose
  • Ideas to make your daily world alive with sacred and intentional choices
  • Healthy tips to live your brightest and fullest and feel better every day
  • Yoga alignment tools to help clear old injuries and support vibrant health

What others have found

Buffy is magical. She took my decrepit 48-year old aching body and instructed me expertly in bending it into some remarkable new shapes, all of which alleviated much of my chronic back pain and long-term shoulder instability. Her gentle manner, intuitive understanding of the human body and a wonderful inner healing presence have improved my general health and mental well-being enormously.
Andrew Clark
Buffy Barfoot is by far the most amazing Yoga teacher I have ever had. Buffy has opened my eyes to the relevancy of my practice to my everyday life.  Buffy has challenged me to push myself on and off the mat. I look forward to practicing with her every week.
Chandra Jones
Buffy is an amazing and inspirational teacher and person. In her training, she brought the ancient teachings of Ganesha alive for me with her rich storytelling. This series deepened my yoga practice on the mat with impeccably planned and sequenced asana, and helped me to discover the importance of taking my practice off the mat and into my life
Jamie Cohen
Buffy, you have provided us with the most amazing Teacher Training. We all are ready with the appropriate tools to execute whether it be in the classroom, in the office or in the home. We know how to put words together with story without the fluff! We know that eye contact and seeing our population is so important. You have provided us with the education on how to touch appropriately and on purpose. Thank You
Sue Lindblom
Buffy really knows her stuff.  I have been having shoulder issues for about 4 months and after just one session with Buffy, she gave me what I needed to be free.  There was no manual manipulation of the body involved.  It was simple awareness that she brought into the light….
Kirk Lautensleger