unexpected witness

unexpected witness

They get their drinks and bustle around the room, still shuffling in slippers and robes for a good portion of our class.  They seem kind to each other, and appear deliberate about starting the day with a steady purpose and slow steps. They usually sit down and look at each other right by the window, which I love the most, often about the time we are winding down towards softer and more supine poses. 

hope, marrow, and bone.


I built a course called “The Understory,” and it uses the practice of yoga as a structure for deep self discovery, alignment, and self care.

The word understory actually refers to those tiny green shoots that grow from a dead tree that has fallen in the forest. It is the bright green rebirth that is the result of something hard churning into something radiant. The understory is what happens when we allow ourselves to hope, and that is the marrow of the yoga practice.

.There is a word used in yoga that I love and is part of this too. The word is rasa, which means flavor, and the word rasaka is the “one who tastes all the flavors.”

The practice is made up of hope, marrow, and bone. Each evening is focused into three parts:

  1. body (bone)- a detailed look at the physical practice of yoga (asana) and how the alignment details and body mechanics can help us to become efficient, skilled, versatile and strong. The students in the course will become stronger, more aligned in their poses, and feel more free in their practice.

  2. mythology/philosophy (marrow)- Each evening is paired with a specific and potent theme. Theses themes stack on top of each other, week by week, to create a progression of discovery and deep inquiry. Buffy shares different myths and stories each week to anchor these themes in practical and applicable ways.

  3. personal discovery (hope)- Each student is invited to take the asana, themes, mythology and contemplations off the yoga mat and into their lives. The ask is that the three hours every Monday evening is a concentrated map of what to practice all week, and take with you into every interaction as a life practice. It’s the practice of hope and how to install it into your life.

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Mom bought red satin drawstring bags for us to tote Benjamin’s ashes into Graceland.  He was watching a movie called “Finding Graceland” when he died, and he liked Elvis enough to put him there.  If Freddie Mercury had a house to visit, that would have been better but Memphis was drivable and had mystique.