Green Smoothie

Our family begins every. single. day. with a green smoothie.

My husband, Matt, leaves for work with his to-go bottle, I drink one while I am cooking and organizing the morning kitchen, and Otis has one in his favorite red cup.

It sets the tone for a healthy day, and is packed with nutrients and super simple to make.

Buffy’s Green Smoothie (*makes three 16oz servings)

  • one lemon

  • one green apple

  • giant handful spinach

  • giant handful kale

  • one avocado

  • one tablespoon tumeric

  • one thumb of ginger

  • heaping tablespoon chia seed gel

  • ice

  • water to blend

Other ingredients I add sometimes depending on my pantry: hemp seeds, coconut oil, protein powder, maca powder, coconut or almond milk, açaí powder…