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2020 Advanced 300-Hour Training
to Dec 13

2020 Advanced 300-Hour Training

Program Overview

Our 300-hour Advanced training is divided into TWO components:

  1. CORE - 12 required weekends (Saturdays and Sundays)

  2. ELECTIVES - four immersions that you select, and must complete within 12 months of the training start date. 

While most 200-hour yoga teacher trainings are akin to an undergraduate degree (exposing you to lots of information), you might consider a 300-hour Advanced training to be more like a masters program (allowing you to specialize). The Core portion of our training offers more structure and required material, while the Elective portion of our training allows you to take four elective immersions based on your interests. They include a variety of topics and give you the opportunity to study with teachers who are experts in their field.

This training is best suited for people who have some teaching experience and intend to be professional yoga teachers.

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