Things that will help #6

Push Yourself: Lately, we are hearing so much about self care, following your bliss, and doing what you love. I agree with all this - to a point. But I think we are getting a little soft. There are times, even daily, that we need to get up, put on our pants, and do something hard. The hardest thing can be the thing that creates the most wide open space- in your heart, in your body, and in your spirit. Self care can sometimes look like friction.

Black eyed Peas: If you did not grow up in the Deep South, you might not have enjoyed black eyed peas as a main course for supper. It’s something I fix regularly, and they are packed with nutrition and filling enough to be the main event. Later this week I will put my recipe on the wellness section of my website. Black eyed peas are full of folate, Vitamin A, fiber and protein. I usually pair these hearty peas with cornbread and some kind of sautéed greens. It’s a family favorite. DELICIOUS!

Take Facebook off your phone: I am trying it. I have not loved how addicted I have been lately to mindless scrolling, and when I look at social media I want it to be more conscious and a choice I make on purpose instead of scrolling in empty moments. I will let you know how it goes, but for today it is really helping keep my mind more clear!

Treat: This is a brand of lip care that I have fallen in love with. All organic and very clean ingredients. GIANT (3x the regular size) chapsticks that taste like heaven, keep your lips hydrated, and you never lose in your purse. They are so good. You are welcome.

Water off a duck: Are you spending your precious energy and inner resources worrying about things that don’t belong to you? ahhhhhhh the human condition. Shake it off like water off a duck’s back. With this gorgeous change of season~ keep only what belongs to you. The rest- it’s noise and ugly clutter.

Cheer squad: Could you send someone a note to champion their progress? A text, an email, or better yet- a snail mail card. Keep going. I am proud of you. You are killing it. I see you. It will take a small amount of time and it will be a giant amount of heart real estate.

Sunshine patch: Those few minutes that you used to use scrolling…but now you have deleted FB from your phone….step outside of your busy day for 5 minutes. Find a patch of sunshine, close your eyes, and let the warmth and the vitamin D shine down on your skin. Imagine the sunlight pouring into your inner body and bathing your organs. Step back into your full day renewed.

***Things That Will Help backstory:

More than a decade ago, my big brother, Benjamin, died from a drug overdose after struggling for years to survive the stranglehold of addiction. My mom and I found a small, spiral notebook next to Benjamin’s bed with the handwritten title Things That Will Help. Inspired by his, I have been writing my own list all these years. I decided recently to begin publishing them.

This practice has always been an homage to him—something that has gotten me through the hardest things in my life and has now blossomed into life medicine that I hope to keep sharing.