Things that will help #5

Friends and goals: Make a short list of your specific goals. (NO more than 3.) Pick the ones you really have your head and heart around, and put the rest away. Tell at least three close friends about all three goals, your plan to execute these goals, and ask for support. Specifically, ask them to check in with you, hold you accountable, and ask you questions. Build a team to support your discipline, growth, and thriving success! I do this with my 5 am. writing discipline, and I have people check on me regularly. So so so helpful.

Creative space: I have been adding conscious creative space to my day. This is different than my meditation practice, because it feels less formal. I have set aside a small amount of time every day to let my thoughts wander. No music, no phone, no stimulation, no chores, no reading, no people and no agenda. Just daydreaming - in a way. I have found this space has opened up so much creativity and new ideas. I used to do this as a child, but as an adult it didn’t feel productive enough. So many riches are coming from it now.

5 Minute standing forward bend: Need more grounding? Try an extended standing forward bend (Uttanasana)~ at the wall, preferably. (With your back pressed up against the wall). Even if you don’t have time for any other pose, practicing this can turn your whole day around. It’s a great way to open the hamstrings, bring more space to the lower back and shoulders, and create a sense of peaceful grounding throughout your entire body. Try in you home, office, kitchen, or local airport. It will drain the grumpy right out of you.

Foods to keep on hand: When I am the most healthy and eating the cleanest, it’s because I am prepared. I keep most of these on hand in the fridge, and when I am ravenous I reach for them instead of potato chips or something with empty calories. It seems like common sense, but for me it's really been a game changer. Click link here:

Care Package: One of my favorite things to do is to send a surprise care package! Pick a friend, especially one that might be blue or overwhelmed, and send them something to brighten their day. everyone loves getting real mail, especially when it’s unexpected! Once, I mailed a girlfriend some new underwear. She had just had a baby and wasn’t paying much attention to herself because she was taking care of everyone else. It was nothing fancy, just 4 or 5 new pairs of new, brightly colored, comfy underwear. I remember how much she gushed about it! That might be too personal for you, but pick something that will light them up!

Chakra test: If you are interested in yoga, you have likely heard of or studied the chakras. Even if you know all about them, it is fun to revisit and check in with your different energy centers. Which ones are open and which ones are out of balance? A great book that has been around for ages is “Wheels of Life” by Anodea Judith. Brush up on where you can balance and support yourself energetically. They even have Chakra tests online to help you discover where you are out of balance. (just google “chakra test”)

***Things That Will Help backstory:

More than a decade ago, my big brother, Benjamin, died from a drug overdose after struggling for years to survive the stranglehold of addiction. My mom and I found a small, spiral notebook next to Benjamin’s bed with the handwritten title Things That Will Help. Inspired by his, I have been writing my own list all these years. I decided recently to begin publishing them.

This practice has always been an homage to him—something that has gotten me through the hardest things in my life and has now blossomed into life medicine that I hope to keep sharing.