Yoga Immersion with Buffy Barfoot

August 24th- November 16 2017

Yoga Immersion with Buffy Barfoot

This program is different than anything I have ever taught or seen, and I am ​so excited about sharing this material with my students. Especially f​or those of you who have studied with me for years, I’m extremely happy to be offering a fresh​ and game changing approach to your personal practice. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore and grow. ​

What does each evening entail and why is i​t​ different?

Each​ Thursday night, in a cozy and intimate space, we will begin with a long and detailed yoga practice centered on a dynamic and progressing physical focus that builds week by week. Together we will break down alignment with precision and care, so that your poses feel more fluid, stronger, and in tune with your body. Each session will also explore a different topic of growth or dharmic theme, and we will analyze the intricacies of that theme through ​asana, ​discussion, contemplation, meditation, nutrition, reading, and ritual. The themes also build on each other week by week, and throughout the immersion you will be given specific ideas to drop that theme into practice in your daily schedule. When you leave, you will better understand not only how to apply each specific topic to the physical body, but also how to bring the entirety of the training out into your own world during the more subtle practices of relationships, work, and spirituality.

If you love rituals, formulas, and new ways to find ​balance​, this training is for you.

An example of a topic we will look at:


How do you find deep surrender through your yoga poses? Through your conversations and relationships? Career path and personal expectations? ​ Through nutrition and consumption of food and drink? ​ How do you find surrender throughout your life in order to prepare you fully for whatever comes?

As for the rest of the topics, you will have to come and find out (something needs to remain a surprise) … But, I promise this material is exquisite and worth your while to study.

August 24 – November 16, 2017
13 weeks, every Thursday night from 6-9 p.m.
​Kindess Yoga Hilltop​
$1500 (payment plans available)

Note: This is not a yoga teacher training, but instead a very personal journey to enhance your individual practice and knowledge of yoga. I will offer a limited amount of spots so each person will be made to feel supported and attended to.

I hope you can join us!

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“Buffy’s immersion has truly been a blessing in my life. I have been practicing yoga for years but was longing for a deeper understanding of the practice, while not yet ready to commit to a teacher training. I wanted do deepen my personal practice through expanding my knowledge of both the spiritual and physical components of yoga. This immersion far exceeded my expectations. I left each class feeling challenged, inspired, and enlightened. I loved that each class had a specific mantra to accompany the practice that I could carry into my week. It was amazing how each class seemed to line up with exactly what I needed to hear and work on at that time. Buffy is a truly inspirational teacher that I feel deeply blessed to have shared this experience with. Her knowledge and understanding of the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga, along with her graceful teaching and powerful lessons, make for a beautiful and unique experience. Working, growing, and discovering alongside Buffy, and a group of incredible women, has been a truly unforgettable journey. ” 

-Lauren Claire Poitevent

“I have been following Buffy around for about seven years and this time I followed her into diving deeper. Deeper in the heart and deeper in the mind.  She built trust and proof through her beautifully sequenced yoga which is always challenging but this melded it to a new level of companionship with mind and body. I would recommend this to anyone willing to commit to 13 weeks of mind and body challenge. Investigating interpersonal relationships and one’s intra-personal relationship. ”

-Kelli Ann Weiskopf



For registration and more information:

August 24- November 16 2017

every Thursday night from 6-9 p.m.
13 weeks to a radiant practice~
inside and out