This winter has been colder than usual and darker than Denver typically hands us.  I have had to dig down to imagine sunshine some days, and yesterday in particular.   I found myself stuck, not wanting to move, and as I rolled out my mat I saw those old demons lounging sarcastically in the corners of the room.


I have learned to say hello to these haunted stories of hopeless and less-than, because they seem to shrink if I invite them in a little.  As I started to move, 2 words bounced to the surface.



Every thought, gesture, action and conversation is a little magnet to accumulate what we draw in next.  When we are hopeful ~ we attract things, events, and people who are lined with light and positive growth. I decided to pause my practice and light every candle in the house.  I cranked up Van Morrison’s “Brand New Day” and amped up my practice to sweat level.  I flipped it.  My perspective, that is.  I placed (theoretically) 3 little round magnets in the space.  Music that moves, a bright clean room with candles everywhere, and a sequence to flow me to a new space~ inside and outside.


We have more power over our days than we realize.  The most connected and vibrant people have days when their demons taunt them from across the room.  Honor the dark and the teachings it brings, and then move the room around so that your little magnets are in charge.  Who are you spending time with and are they inspiring you?  What do you spend most of your time thinking about?  That’s what your little magnets, your power pieces, are made of.


It is not a secret that feelings of gratitude magnetize more abundance and happiness.  So, our internal landscape is essential to building the external life we choose.  Period.  Many of us know this, but don’t practice it regularly.  The reason that we don’t practice it~ is because the idea sorta floats around on an esoteric cloud but is not put into a simple system that works on regular days.


When I simplify rituals and make them action-able, then they often take hold.  I am choosing 3 little magnets per day to set the tone for my perspective. Today my little magnets are: forgiveness of past hurts, sandalwood essential oil, and headstand.  3 little landing pads intended to magnetize release, healing, and movement.  What are your little magnets?