WOW.  This nesting and deep cleaning urge pre-baby arrival is very primal and very real.  Now keep in mind I always love and invest in a clean house, but never have I cleaned the crevices of the baseboards with such attention and vigor.  And while I thought I had shaved down on stuff and extra clutter, the good-will bags have been piling up like hot cakes, and I feel more space in my body, mind and heart.

What I have become so aware of  how LITTLE we truly need to take care of ourselves.  And that actually the less stuff I have, the lighter and happier I feel.  Our home is a renovated 1926 house that has limited closet space and storage.  What’s nice about is it keeps me honest and gives me less choice for clutter and accumulation.  But clutter still sneaks in there with 7 bottles of mostly used moisturizer and 5 pairs of nail clippers.

One of my favorite stories I heard from one of my teachers points to this simple and profound philosophy.  She arrived at a private client’s home who had cancer and was looking to learn some private yoga to help with her healing process.  When she arrived,  the client’s  apartment was wall to wall clutter and had not been cleaned due to illness in too long.  Instead of practicing asana, she spent the hour cleaning the client’s  kitchen and making some sacred and clear space for her, knowing that this was the first step to healing.  The postures would come later. This is such a sweet reminder to us all.

Within the act of cleaning, decluttering, and preparing this home, I know I am creating sacred space for this  little soul to come into our family.   I  feel lighter and more able to focus on these incoming joys, this unusual February sunshine and warmth, and the simple treasures that I have kept to represent our home.  I think I even slept better  last night with the bed having no cobwebs or puppy hair underneath it- at least for now.

My simple advice: When you get that hunger for connection and something to fill you up–don’t go shopping.  Clean your home.  Give away everything that holds disappointment, dark memories, items that don’t serve, and keep only a few special treasures. It is better than any new blouse, toy or knick-knack you could go buy.

And while you are at it- rearrange the furniture for a fresh perspective.  It will feel like more while actually being less.

Physically, emotionally, and spiritually clear.  The yoga off the mat.

We are ready for you, sweet baby boy.