Most likely, you are a goal setter and have a timeline in mind for your personal and professional goals, and you probably subscribe to societal ideals about where your life should be at this point and what kind of boxes should be checked at this age.  You might come across as easy going but you really have a plan written in black sharpie of where you are headed in your five year plan, and if you don’t then you might have a cobweb of guilt stuck to your insides because you haven’t gotten around to it.  Most of us want what we want, and the timing and urgency of life is in the very  fabric of our society and local communities.

I am writing a book, and one of the great pleasures that is part of that journey is the glance back into time of my past land-marks and life-marks.  I am writing some from personal biography, and this weekend I looked at the big marks on my timeline that were formative and made me who I am.  Almost every one of those gilded marks I had wanted sooner or differently than what they ended up as, but looking back they each were perfectly phrased and nestled in the score of my life just as they should be.

This reminded me, more than anything, to make space for magic.  When we are able to let go of our small, hardened agenda for long enough to make space for possibility~ something frees up.  It’s really a practice of focusing on the blessings in your hand instead of driving your timed goals so hard you can’t see the bigger beauty all around you.  I think, in order to stay strong and disciplined, we have to have goals and times and things to look toward and manifest. But if we do not stay supple enough to shift course with the way the winds are turning, then we miss the magic at hand.

I think it is more than just softening, but also noticing.  What keeps showing up as a carrot for you to follow? Instead, are you shutting it down to drive your agenda?

I love the well known quote from Masahide, “Barn’s burnt down-now I can see the moon.”  When we burn our own barn or sharpie timeline,  that’s when the magic can roll in and the artists can create.  Your life is truly yours and not bound by what has come before you or what others are doing around you.  Our world is craving more people to go off script and create without a template.