New Year Intentions:

I am reading a great book called “The Gift” and it’s calling me to rethink how I offer myself to the world.  It talks about the idea that gifts (whether physical or otherwise) should keep moving and become a channel for growth and conversation.  When the gift stops, it stagnates and dams up the river.  If the gift is not allowed to move on, “it loses it gift properties.”

I think this pertains to actual things in terms of recycling, using and decluttering.  But it also seems relevant in terms of talent, blessings we bestow upon others, and remembering that what we have must be given away to take shape and life.  The words of a writer must be given away to take hold, or the writer becomes regretful and stuck.  The same theory encircles a dancer, painter, or any other artist.

My interest this year, in part, lies in moving the gift.  I want to move words to paper and page, movement ideas into the medicine of yoga to help people feel better, food into blessing for my body and my family’s bodies, and my teaching talents into preparing other teachers to offer their best.  I want to do this without scarcity thoughts and without feelings of worry or judgement, which are elements that dam the river and stop the flow.

So while I have lots of little plans, rituals and small intentions for this new calendar year in place~ this is the big one.

I want to join my wisdom, self care, discipline and practice with your larger one.  I want to take what I am learning and be in service to the whole. I want to trust that I can hold more loosely to the reins, and the outcome will be brighter.  I want to help wherever I am needed, and stay less stuck in my own agenda and my head, where it’s often small and dark.

I want to allow myself to change form when it’s most needed, and not hold on tightly to what’s mine.  I want to be larger and more open to collaboration and conversation, where there can be multiple gifts circulating at the same table.

The planet needs more listeners, light workers and servants of the whole.

Keep your gifts moving and awake.  The ones you have been gifted by others, and the ones that you naturally come by.