Recently I asked a friend how her family was.  She answered, “do you want the ground truth or the official truth?”  I told her I didn’t know the distinction.  She proceeded to explain what is now one of my favorite teachings of all time.

 The ‘official truth’ is our mission statement of what we want to present and what we would like to be true, and it is beautifully packaged and carefully crafted. The ‘ground truth’ is what is actually happening on the ground, in the battle and amidst our highs and lows. The real story.

OFFICIAL TRUTH~ Today I made 3 healthy meals from scratch, wrote 2 hours of my novel, practiced yoga and am now sitting down to an evening of tea, baby and husband cuddling and a helpful non fiction book on how to better myself.

GROUND TRUTH~ I managed to eat 3 meals today while nursing my hungry baby (and dropped mayo on his head twice).  I did yoga for 30 minutes until my son needed me and my breasts started leaking milk.   I thought about my novel while I did the laundry, and now I am hoping to enjoy an evening with my family and talk about which ankle treatment injections might give me a chance at less pain.

I told my friend I ALWAYS want the ground truth.  It is our direct path to healing.  When we are honest and wide hearted we also heal something broken in others.  The part that makes us feel like no one else is sorting through hard stuff. The part in all of us that forgets we are not alone.

As a yoga teacher living amongst other spiritual seekers I am surrounded by official truth. There is a lot of love and light language scattered amongst the wounds, and it all gets pretty mixed up and lonely if we are not personally cleaning off our own mirror.   Social media is a breeding ground for official truth only with all the shiny pictures edited and filtered so carefully.  Watch your tendencies~ It is so easy to talk yourself into the official truth as the only way you recall your days.

But something is dearly missed in the translation when we omit the ground truth.

We skip over the human, relatable, soft underbelly that we all crave from others yet are often too vain to brave ourselves.

This is not an invitation to dwell on the hard stuff and immerse yourself in negative and stagnant poor me scenarios. But it is an invitation of intimacy and a doorway into a more heart-lead life.  The official truth is the plan of attack for most of us.  It is not ineffective to focus on goals and foster positive language to help ourselves stand in the sun more often.  But too much time spent on the official truth instead of the ground truth takes us away from our housekeeping and the actual healing work.  It takes us far away from the ones who see us and love us and want to be needed.

What darkens our doorways will eventually be how we bring our particular medicine into the world.

For the record, I always want your ground truth  And I want you to want mine too.