Buffy Barfoot

Buffy Barfoot is a yoga teacher dedicated to the physical and spiritual threads of yoga. She is committed to bringing out the personal strength, courage and trust in herself and her students through the practice of yoga. Buffy considers herself to be always learning and refining, and her daily practice is the richest fuel for her teaching. She uncovers more each day that inspires her to share the gifts of yoga, providing entryways kinesthetically through the body, philosophically through the mind, and devotionally through the heart. She binds herself to the belief that yoga can create more vibrancy in all the parts of us, from the inside out. Buffy’s classes marry clear alignment direction with strength building, flow, and breath work to provide a well-rounded class. Her classes are playful, challenging and provide the opportunity to dig down for more shine.

Why Buffy

Buffy Barfoot Yoga's Mission
Buffy is known for sequencing a  physical practice to challenge and polish you, while your mind and your spirit can find rest and replenishment in deeper breaths. Her mission is to help you shave off the excess so you can have some room to flourish.  Yoga clears the internal desktop, and your outlook becomes lighter and more simple. What seemed hard before may seem easier and less serious with regular practice. It’s time to be good to yourself.
What's next for you?
Whether your next step is to enter a yoga class for the first time, or to begin a Teacher Training, we can help you find what you need. Buffy teaches weekly classes so you can learn yoga from the ground up. She also leads Yoga Immersions to deepen personal practice, and Teacher Trainings to help you find your voice.
Tools to get started
To begin yoga you simply need to have a willingness to step in. At any age or experience, yoga is beneficial and increases all aspects of life.  If you have physical limitations, do not get discouraged! Many times chronic injuries and limitations clear with an aligned and diligent yoga practice.  Check out Buffy’s Denver schedule for classes!
Your commitment
When you have a steady Yoga practice, you are committing to your highest health over and over again.  You will notice with regular practice, your body feels integrated and open, your skins glows with health, your energy is high and your digestion is better. Your body will begin to look toned and strong, but your face younger and softer. You might notice your brain feels less cluttered, your heart more full, and problems seem easier to tackle. The world has not changed, but your reactions and perceptions may seem more peaceful.

Benefits of Yoga

Strong and supple body 90%
Level of happiness increased 95%
Overall health and breath increase 85%
Deep connection to Spirit 90%