In these uncertain times I feel snapped awake.

 These are some things my family has gathered together this past week to discuss and then pour into action.

  1. Social Media Diet ~ While I do believe some important conversations are happening on social media, when I ingest my FB newsfeed I feel toxic, sluggish, and disconnected.  Matt and I are limiting our time on these platforms and replacing this empty scrolling with direct connection and quality time.  I feel refreshed as a result.  I feel wider awake.
  2. Make Art~ What is your specialty? This is a time that our planet needs more art and beauty and human connection.   I am committed to writing more and teaching more, because I know that makes a difference in the quality of the world  I live in.  My husband writes and plays music which has direct impact on his happiness and those who choose to listen.  I am blessed to know amazing cooks, dancers, painters, nurses, doctors, engineers, and architects who make the world more beautiful by their contributions. Art is medicinal.  Movement is medicinal. Are you doing all you can?
  3. Educate Yourself.  Read more and show up more with specific questions and ways to provide change and leadership.  Stop posting articles that you have only read the headline for and truly become the change you want to see in the world.  It begins with your home and hearth and moves out in concentric circles from there.  I vow to show up locally where I can and take responsibility where I haven’t.
  4. Listen More. I hear a lot of talking and peacocking lately.  There is less listening because people are not willing to live in the grey areas at all but insist their corners are right and just.  They feel empowered to post hatred because they are not required to show their eyes or take a deep breath and feel the human in front of them.  It is so much braver to discuss, disagree, and dismantle ideas in person.  I want more real time with people to understand their stances and their stories.
  5.  Supper. This next one is inspired by the owner of City o City, Daniel Landes.  He said: “What if American’s signed up for a “Dinner Exchange”? You put your name into an app that randomly selects a family within 15 miles of your home to host a dinner. Then you host a dinner as well. My belief is that people are basically good. That we have far more in common than differences. If we could sit in another’s home and share food with them we’d begin to break down this division that has been manufactured by the media. Love is not a passive act. We must be aggressively spreading it.”  Yes- food is love.  and supper at someone’s house is certainly an act of love.  I believe we need more of this.

I believe we need to get more specific about how to be of service. I think that rants and protests can be important but they become empty and expire. The work ahead of us lies in the actual actions of love, kindness, listening, attention, and space to be in the same room and be different.  This corseting in is my next endeavor.