For as long as I can remember I have been paralyzed by the fear of talking in front of people~ especially when I am speaking my heart.  As a yoga teacher I do this daily, and it is a fear that has not gone away since the dawn of my teaching. Strangely, I am very good at it.  But that doesn’t stop my mindset from going into a dark and unproductive place.  It can paralyze me at times, but my commitment to these teachings keeps me coming back to have tea with my dragons.
For most of us, the same old worries have been hanging on the walls for years.  It is time to redecorate.
A common theme I have worked with in my own journey and in my teaching is to clear old patterns/reactions of fear and replace them with brave and positive patterns.  We all know this is good and helpful and a way to set yourself up for a life of great happiness.  But it is not enough just to know this and claim this and curate a newsfeed of cursive quotes about it.

My latest interest is to create strategy for real change so the negative patterns are not the default.  It cannot take hold in our everyday unless we move the goal into a strategy of action and get a plan.
remove the old and fearful patterns that cause doubt/fear/lack/smallness
replace with: positive responses that elevate and help facilitate ease and happiness
1. Curiosity.
 Get hungry and interested and curious instead of residing in your cemented ideas of how things need to be because they have always been.  Start practicing starting your sentences with:
 “I wonder what would happen if..”  and “Let me try this…”
Texturally- curiosity is soft […]