the sun is gonna shine in your backdoor someday

One of my favorite writers, Cheryl Strayed, recently came out with a book of her own quotations called “Brave Enough.”  I ravenously ingested the words in about an hour flat because bravery and raw concoctions of how to expand are some of my favorite subjects.
One of my favorites:
“Believe in the integrity and value of the jagged path.  We don’t always do the right thing on way to rightness.”  
I am an advocate of roundabout and  jagged pathways, probably because I have seen my own life flourish after braving certain storms.   I wouldn’t trade my unintended stops in the road for anything. Mistakes in relationships, advanced degrees, moves across the country with the wrong man, and even money spent on branding something I no longer identify with~ they have all sourced back into the same river that I currently call home.  Each category has been and remains a teacher of significant value.
It is the cracks in the story- the ones that bring us back to assessing everything that we are giving attention to that are the highest teachers.
…because it is the heartbreaks that are helping you refine, define, and mold the right path for you.  They become part of your fabric, and they become your deep entry points into YOUR life, which is the only one worth living, of course.
I have a story and a past that contains some dark patches.  There were times in my twenties that I worried about how much I was drinking and smoking and abusing my body and brain~ in cheap and scary Chicago apartments that were cold and lonely.  Even before those frosty Chicago winters, […]