If someone were able to extract all of your thoughts in a day and lay them out in front of you on index cards~ what story would they tell about you?

I have begun to track my internal life more carefully, and am I discovering some garbage stuck in there that I want long gone. I am amazed at how much I give energy to people and things that are not real or relevant to my growth ~ and so much of the chatter inside is food for fear, doubt and judgment.

I was sitting with a dear friend this morning having breakfast at ‘Under the Umbrella’ in Denver (if you go—get the “Shannon sandwich”), and I was running down a rabbit hole of “can you believe she DID that to me…” and “I cannot believe she doesn’t understand compassion…” etc. Super snarky and dark, I was cluttering our time with a depleting victim vignette.

My wise friend smiled at me with that calm presence she has and said: “She is doing all that she can.” It was in that moment I remembered that we all are essentially doing what we can manage and bear this life, and it is always, of course, our choice in how to respond. This is good living 101, but I needed a refresher course this morning.

I can stop the churning, worrying, fretting, gossiping, judging and mind chatter- instantly. I can clear it RIGHT NOW and never hang onto it. I can drop the drama and wheel around to gaze at my own eyes and my perspective. What am I feeding and giving energy to and is it working to further my growth? I don’t want to spend time on spinning webs […]