I like to do something fully or not at all.   It sounds good to package oneself that way, don’t you think? I am actually trying to unwind myself from this way of looking at the world, because  I have noticed it is stopping big shifts from happening in my life and practice.

If I don’t  have a 90 minute yoga practice, sometimes I feel like it doesn’t count.  If I don’t have time to cook dinner form scratch then sometimes I wonder,  why bother?  If the house is messy, then cleaning up a little bit is useless–it must be cleaned from top to bottom, I think.  Sigh. Could I just do a little and make a mark?

Permission to take baby steps each day towards the life you want: granted.  Permission to have things tangled in the jewelry box but still smooth the bed covers and make tea and meditate: granted.

This is a hard pattern for me to conquer, because it is strong and deep in my stubborn body.  But, I have a new puppy that’s teaching me that a small walk is better then no walk (oh yes).  And that closing my eyes in the middle of the busiest day possible ~ for ten long deep breaths~ absolutely counts toward shift.  It shifts the cells in my body to become healthier that 10 breaths teaches me to slow down to hear the rain.  The rest of the day is better because of those breaths.

Are you waiting until things are all neat and clean before finding the good stuff? I am a little.  But I am practicing slow dancing in the kitchen when there is pancake batter on the ceiling.  I don’t want to miss the […]