This is a story about breadcrumbs and love. It actually applies to everyone, because whether you are in love now or looking for love, you are watching your life and looking to see where you can become a better listener. (I hope). Recent conversations with people I love about love inspired me to write about this, because I think following breadcrumbs has become an epidemic. And, I too, used to have a diet of breadcrumbs.

DEFINITION of BREADCRUMBS: those tiny morsels left behind by someone you want, love, and see as partnership material. They are not enough food, but rather pretend ways of stringing your heart along and making you think that someday it might be enough to make a whole life. Sigh. They come in the form of texts, tiny emails, a date every now and then, and group outings as a general and pretend gesture of a date.

The problem is, in the connect the dots, or breadcrumbs…….YOU are usually happy to fill in the rest of the story to make it seem full and headed somewhere.   You, in fact, become a MASTER at manipulating the story to sound good in your head and therefore not alarming or unrealistic. Yet that little whisper in your head might begin to get a little louder as your friends lean in and suggest he or she might not be “enough” for you. Listen to the whispers before they become screams.

Someone wise once told me that you will never be able to hold onto the wrong one~ and you will never be able to get rid of the right one. Standing here ~ well fed on a balanced diet of self love, and the real life “Notebook” kind […]