What is your Clear Compass?


When I chose the name for my Yoga Teacher Training, I chose Clear Compass.  It’s what yoga is for me.  A compass is a device that tells us where we are in space.  It helps us orient and decide what our next moves are, and it brings us back to home and hearth.

Yoga has the potential to be our dial into a deeper experience. Most of us want more significance in our lives, and we want our lives to feel purposeful.  We all want to find an inner peace, an external prowess, and a connection to what really matters.  You are the creator of your life and path.  What ideas do you spend time on? Is your life turning out the way you hope?


In the past few years, I have paid special attention to my internal dialogue and how it has affected my external circumstances.  I have seen tremendous shifts in my quality of life with this attention to language.  How we choose to talk to ourselves matters, and the more positive we are, the richer our lives become.  When something appears to be an obstacle, are you resourceful, or are you a perceived victim?


Life is not just about the product, but also about the process.  When we practice refining our language, our poses, and our intentions both on and off the mat~ we take more ownership over our life.  We must learn to clean and decorate our internal and external “houses” with skill and beauty.  When I build yoga sequences or construct themes (or teach new teachers to do so), I know that the details matter.  The alignment matters but so does the soul of the practice and how […]