As I iron out the space, time and energy to write this note, I am aware of the chubby to-do list on my desk, the pressing emails and phone calls not returned yet- and the limp laundry still in the dryer from 3 days ago.  Everyone I know is busy and seems to be getting busier.  In my life I cannot remember a day (since before I was ten- and even then ….) that I did not have a swirl of priorities to organize, pick from and sort.

For many of us, it is easy to find ourselves in the current of CRISIS,  because we are slinging ourselves from one thing to another and barely landing and breathing fully in each experience.  Instead of feeling each moment and connection entirely, we are dodging bullets and running interference for the next thing reeling across our path.  STOP DOING THIS.

I have a few ideas that might help.

The phone has become an obsession for many, and the amount we check, recheck, and triple-check to see if we received a text since 42 seconds ago is insane.  Put that smart phone in a smart case in the BACKSEAT while you drive to your next event.  Try checking your phone 3 times a day only.  I can absolutely guarantee your mind will feel less cluttered, your breath deeper and wider, and you will feel less congested and soooooo less busy with just this minor adjustment.

Ask for help.

Where you feel like you are sagging at the seams and losing your grip on your week, ask for help when and where you can, in order to land back in a healthy mindset.   Get to know what makes you vibrant and ready […]