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Whose house is this?

Is your home, and I mean your inner house, what you choose it to be?  Is it what you thought as you have grown older and wiser and collected your stories?

We all have the same number of hours in each day to create~ though not the same materials to work with.  Is your house strange and not feeling like yours, or is it comfortable and worn and fits like a glove?

Even when we are slammed up against the wall with no wiggle room, there is always a way to create a new doorway and a new perspective.

(From Toni Morrison’s book HOME)
Whose house is this?
Whose night keeps out the light
In here?
Say, who owns this house?
It’s not mine.
I dreamed another, sweeter, brighter
With a view of lakes crossed in painted boats;
Of fields wide as arms open for me.
This house is strange.
It’s shadows lie.
Say, tell me, why does it’s lock fit my key?

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    Guest Blog: “Fellas, Start Doing Yoga. Seriously” By Kyle Weiger

Guest Blog: “Fellas, Start Doing Yoga. Seriously” By Kyle Weiger

Did it ever cross your mind why the national average for yoga students is 72/28% female to male? As a male yoga instructor, I wonder this often. Is it because yoga looks too easy and therefore, will not be much of a workout? Is it the air of ego and machismo that guys have about doing workouts that are “only for girls”? Perhaps.
First, it’s important to debunk the two misconceptions that men have about yoga, and understand how hasty generalizations are actually stopping you, yeah you bro, from exploring another dimension of not just your athleticism, but your overall being as a man.
Misconception #1 – “Yoga’s for chicks, bro.”
If you have no background or professional experience with yoga, you can easily make assumptions that yoga is for girls. In fact, if you ask any bloke to visualize a yoga class, he’ll probably describe a room full of slim and toned women in tight pants….I hate to state the obvious fellas, but you see the irony here right? Go to yoga. I don’t care if you start doing yoga for the reason previously stated, just get started. The rest will work itself out over time.
Misconception #2 – “Yoga is too easy. It won’t be enough of a workout.”
Try saying this to any yogi, male or female, and watch their relaxed expression as they politely ask you to join them for their next heated level-two class. It’s probably just an hour of stretching anyway, you’ll be fine….(smiling villainously as I write). If you’re still skeptical, stop reading this article for a moment, and try pressing from a forward fold into handstand. Don’t worry, it’s super easy.
5 Reasons Why You Should Practice Yoga, Dude.

Yoga is a great […]

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Scars and Stripes~ Women and our stories of UgLy .

I am lucky to know the most beautiful women.  Women who have lived deep, rich lives of consequence and stand tall even through hardship and loss.  Every woman I know has scars and stripes that tell a story of how they fought cancer and won, given birth to babies, weathered depression, suffered through acne, gained weight, lost weight, and so much more.

In conversation with a dear friend who recently had a baby, she said how common it was to hear the phrase “get my body back.”  This is someone who has been up and down the brambly highway of eating disorders, dance- world- body- image- bullshit, and landed elegantly on the other side speaking wisely to herself  and others about acceptance.  She said emphatically, “I don’t want my body back, but I want to claim beauty as I age. I created an incredible child with this body, so why would I want my body back when I now carry so much more wisdom?”  She spoke about body forward and beauty forward instead of back. I listened as she talked and told her story.  Good gracious, I thought, we need more of this for all women. We laughed together as we recalled our 20 year bodies, so supple and young but so sad and broken inside.  I wouldn’t take that version of Buffy back for the moon in my lap or anything else.

I haven’t met a woman yet who doesn’t have a story of UgLy she has told herself for years.  For me,  I always hope for good lighting to hide the scars on my cheeks from teenage acne. I think about it waaaay more than I like to admit, and know it’s a huge […]

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    Are you looking for the right Yoga Teacher Training for YOU?

Are you looking for the right Yoga Teacher Training for YOU?

Kindness Yoga interviewed me about my upcoming Amnaya Yoga Teacher Training~Here are some questions they asked~



What does Amnaya mean? What does it mean to you?

Amnaya is a Sanskrit word that means: passing along with authenticity, and a clear transmission of lines and voices throughout time.  I chose this word to represent my trainings because although as yogis we love to soak in the ancient teachings, we must make them personally relevant to our modern lives through the work and friction of day-to-day practice.  The alchemy of yoga happens only when we step into the line of voices and become a part of the sharing and passing down.  In other words, it is when our yoga practice spills off the mat – when we become better people in our day- to -day interactions because we feel better about ourselves –that is when our yoga practice truly ignites.  That is direct yoga transference and how lives around us are pulled into the practice.

Who is this YTT for?

Amnaya YTT is for people with appetite.  This training is structured for students who are hungry to investigate their yoga practice in ways they can’t even imagine yet.  Whether you want to teach or not, this training is for people wanting to cut off the outer crust of their practice and get to the middle of things.  I ask my students to step over thresholds that feel scary sometimes! YTT is where we break open and construct ourselves again, in order to find what matters to us.  This is for students willing to meet their full reflection, and show up for the entire experience. Click on […]

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