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Getting Real on Facebook

I once read a status from Mastin Kipp (author of the Daily Love), which is one of my favorite blogs. It said something like: “I aim to be as happy in real life as my facebook page portrays”. This struck me deep~ and I have been curious about this concept, because I have a habit of revealing the positive and keeping things shiny and poised on facebook. And, I have a fairly public life as a yoga teacher and I don’t always want to update my status as: “I have cramps, a little depressed today but I have a pint of ice cream, new socks and good pajama pants on watching the View” ~ even if it’s true. And I do believe that directing our intentions towards light and breathing into our lives as if we have exactly what we need only leads to more ease and more love. BUT~ I ask myself and YOU~ Are these swirls of perfect little scenarios with pictures just right adding more anxiety to the mix? Do others feels less than when they compare their real life to what they think mine is or yours is?
I once got in a fuss with the closest of friends and when we were in the solution stage she talked about the hurt of seeing I was glowing and unaffected because of what she saw on facebook. AHHHH~ yes. That is the way I posted, though I held the hurt just as much as she.
I am generally private and like my laundry put away and reserved for appropriate attention but I am wondering, is social media perpetuating thoughts like: There is a bus filled with everything I need […]

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the flu, asking for what you need, and getting better at life.

I have the flu. The ‘on the floor’, 8 boxes of kleenex and crawl to the fridge and cry because you are so sick and alone kinda flu. Oh~ and when Matt asked me this morning what I needed from him the best I could do was mumble “nothing” and cry because he didn’t read my mind about Puffs Plus Kleenex because why couldn’t he see how raw and red my nose was? This morning was not awesome.

Ask for what you need. It seems simple enough, right? I usually get around to it eventually but it’s often after I hope to have my mind read and after I have assumed alotta things that probably are not true. In general, people are reasonable and want you to feel happy and healthy and in your seat of power and flourish. We often assume that others are not willing to assist and boost us there when they absolutely are.
This lesson for me is not limited to my beloved, but goes deep into the world of how I interact with colleagues, parents, girlfriends, teachers and students. It is so profound and simple to ask before the hurt and assumptions.
Another potent lesson: Don’t take tone of voice from a text message or email. Limit these forms of communication for details and facts but always, if you can, be live and in person for the emotional spaces.It will serve everyone you love by adhering to this rule.
I adore when my girlfriend says something specific like: I need you to take me boot shopping and then ice cream shopping. This is the only thing that will help me get […]

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