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More Artful with my Everyday

I had supper with my dear friend Jada on Tuesday, and we celebrated her birthday with delicious food coupled with soul shifting conversation. I asked her what her ‘theme’ for her next year on earth was going to be….and after kneading through some ideas together she decided “Moving Deeper into the NOW’. Over a beautiful glass of the best port we’d ever tasted, Jada told me she plans to spend the entire year practicing present tense~ instead of worrying about arriving at something profound or retracing old stories. I agreed to hold her accountable with reminders and check in spaces, which is a way we have always supported each other. I love these conversations with Jada, and I got lit up to theme my own year and ask all I know and love to hold me accountable.
Here’s what I am sorting through for my theme as my birthday approaches rapidly…’More artful with my everyday.’
I want to spend this year practicing being artful in my everyday spaces, especially the details. When I return emails, I want to pause long enough to address, capitalize and sign off properly, as if each were a handwritten note on textured stationary. (I may even use a flourished font.) Energy and attention is felt even through digital spaces, and this way the quick to anger places might diminish.
I want my tea situation in the mornings to feel like a warm ritual instead of a lurch to caffeine. I want to take enough time to shop more often for fresh produce and try more recipes instead of rushing to the finish line and eating fast and furious.~ This all sorta points to slowing […]

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hot RED corners

Every since I was tiny I have been ultra ultra extra sensitive~ so that even the slightest look or edge of a word could hurt. Last night I wound myself around an old wooden spool and ended up learning a lot about my ancient tendencies and how to finally feel safe to put them away. For good I hope.
I have ended up with a partner who sorta argues for a living, and he brings precision and good honest argument to the table with heart as a generous side dish. This is an interesting and fantastic challenge for me, as I tend to say things very early on in a discussion/argument like “don’t yell at me” (even when no one is remotely yelling). All of you who know me are smiling right now, because you might have been witness to this behavior. I can turn into a five year old in 2 seconds flat when I sense he/you might not be on my side.
In theory, I totally understand good argument. I know intellectually that when one is less emotional in order to excavate the real essence of all sides, then the potential for growth is possible. But, in reality, I am known for standing in my hot red corner spitting passionate venom as I make my case and want to be loved, agreed with and I want him to GET ME.
Last night I did actually spit on poor Matt (not on purpose but once it happened I felt sorta like I was winning) as I made my case. Because he is reeeeaaaallly great, Matt pressed pause, wiped his eyes and came closer. During […]

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